About This Journal

Rising Powers Quarterly is a peer-reviewed, non-profit, free-access journal dedicated to the study of the growing role of rising powers in global governance. It aims to explore the political, economic and social processes through which the states regarded as “rising powers” in world politics interact with other states as well as international and transnational organizations. This journal also aims to fill the academic lacunae in the literature on rising powers and global governance related themes since there is a growing need for a journal specialized on rising powers in parallel to their increasing importance in world politics.

Published four times a year, Rising Powers Quarterly is particularly interested in original scientific contributions that analyze the operations and policies of  regional&international organizations, international groupings such as the BRICS, IBSA, MIKTA and G-20, as well as their member states  around the main themes of international political economy, global governance, North-South relations, developing world, changing international order, development, rising/emerging/middle/regional powers, development cooperation, humanitarian assistance, peace, peacekeeping, security, democracy and international terrorism. Country-specific case studies with regard to their interrelation at the global level are also of particular concern of Rising Powers Quarterly.  One of the main objectives of the journal is to provide a new forum for scholarly discussion on these topics as well as other issues related with world politics and global governance.

Rising Powers Quarterly publishes theoretically informed and empirically rich papers that seek to explore a broad set of research questions regarding the role played by the rising powers in global governance. Interdisciplinary research as well as critical approaches are particularly welcomed by the editors. The editors also encourage the submission of papers which have strong policy relevance as Rising Powers Quarterly is also designed to inform and engage policymakers as well as private and public corporations.

All articles in the journal undergo rigorous peer review which includes an initial assessment by the editors and anonymized refereeing process. The journal also publishes special issues on a broad range of topics related with the study of rising powers in world politics. Special issue proposals can be sent to the editors at any time and should include full details of the authors as well as the abstracts of the articles.

In order to submit your manuscript to Rising Powers Quarterly, please consult our Submission Guideline.

For further correspondence, please send your queries to contact@risingpowersproject.com

Rising Powers Quarterly is based at Marmara University, Faculty of Political Science, Istanbul, Turkey.

ISSN: 2547-9423