Monir Hossain Moni


A double Masters earned from University of Dhaka and Hitotsubashi University as well as a Waseda University-awarded Doctorate degree holder, Monir Hossain Moni is currently a Research Professor and Head for the Program on Japan & Global Affairs under the Division of Asia & Globalized World (for which he is also shouldering his responsibility as Director) of the Bangladesh Asia Institute for Global Studies (BAIGS), a Dhaka-based unique, modern, evolving as well as inspiring ‘role model’ independent think tank beyond national and regional borders. Dr Moni’s broadly diversified academic expertise area rotates around global multi-disciplinary and cross-comparative studies with concentration on Northeast Asia shedding light on Japan as a traditional power neighbored with China as an emerging power and South Korea as a proactive middle power amid the inter-relational and intra-regional strategic, political, economic, environmental, social, cultural and technological dynamics of the 21st century’s advantageous but emulous globalization system. Pursuant to his prolonged research interests and specialties, this prolific, enthusiastic and optimistic as well as extensively worldwide traveled scholar has exceptionally contributed imaginative, authoritative and thus universally effective pieces to the leading journals produced not only by all the higher education world’s most prominent publishers but also by many emerging presses across Asia and beyond in the most recent years. A winner of outstanding academic (scholarly and research) awards named after Japan’s two prime ministers (Yasuhiro Nakasone and Masayoshi Ohira), Professor Moni is always committed to make his sincere efforts to publish for constructing a much-needed value towards helping flourish a more cooperative, stable as well as magnificent humanity with change and difference in the true sense.