Ali Murat Kurşun

  • Project Researcher
  • Editor in Chief of Rising Powers Quarterly


Ali Murat Kursun is a PhD researcher at Aberystwyth University’s International Politics department and a research assistant at Marmara University’s International Relations department. Kursun received his BA from the department of Political Science and International Relations of the Faculty of Political Sciences at Marmara University, Istanbul. Kursun completed his MA at the department of International Relations of Istanbul Bilgi University with a dissertation entitled “Looking Into Sykes-Picot Order: Intra-Regional Dynamics in the Making of Modern Middle Eastern Borders”. His main academic interests are English school theory, global governance, regional international societies, and theoretical analysis of Turkish foreign policy and the Middle East. He is the co-editor of Violent Non State Actors and the Syrian Civil War (2018, Springer) and his articles were published in All Azimuth, International JournalGlobal PoliticsInternational Politics, and Third World Quarterly. Kursun is the director of Istanbul-based resarch group Global Studies Platform, editor of Rising Powers Quarterly, and board member of the Association of Researchers on the Middle East and Africa (ORDAF).