Contending Issues of Global Governance


International Organizations (IOs)  as a field of International Relations (IR) have reached the confluence of new ideas and actors on cooperation by trivializing the concept of “anarchy” while making big think of  “global governance”.  Among others, the concept of “legitimacy” has always stand at the centre of the study of IOs since the end of the Second World War.Yet, the concept has evolved as being one of the most important problematiques in the field of IOs, as global governance mechanisms increasingly constitutes a structure which contains various networks of inter-actors who have power and sometimes authority which are included in formal and informal agreements. These “widening and deepening” dynamics of global governance over the last couple of decades have not completely ended up with increased legitimacy of global governance mechanisms. Moreover, at a time when dialogue begins to decline and theoretical debates in IR increasingly define themselves with “other”, leading academicians in the field such as Thomas Weiss calls for further research on various aspects of global governance. In this regard, global governance studies are seen a seminal research field in terms of the future of IR owing to it offers a re-return to main problematics of the field such as “peace”, “order”, “justice”, opening up the “grand debates” as well as a chance for intra-discipline and inter-discipline dialogue. In this sense, theoretical and empirical researches which examine mechanisms, dynamics and limitations of the “old” and “new” global governance in the discipline are promising research areas for IR scholars. Thus, it is suggested that current global governance mechanisms increasingly facing decomposition and therefore a decentralized, multi-layered, multi-actor, multi-dimensional, multi-theme, multi-regional governance mechanism is under construction.

Having said that, our workshop entitled “Contending Issues of Global Governance”aims to theoretical question and empirically analyse the sources as well as the crises of legitimacy regarding global governance mechanisms, actors and issues from various aspects.The main research questions driving this project are as follows: What are the sources of power (both material and non-material) and legitimacy of various actors and institutions in changing global governance mechanisms? What are the challenges towards their legitimacy with respect to their (1) aims-structure, (2) means-processes and (3) ends-effectiveness in global governance.

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Concepts and Theories

Main Conceptual and Theoretical Debates in the Legitimacy of Global Governance


Security Disarmament International Political Economy Environment and Sustainable Development Migration Human Rights and HumanitarianismHumanitarian Intervention and R2P Technology Governance and Artificial Intelligence


UN System Regional Organizations Global South G20 Rising Powers, BRICS and MIKTA Liberal Order and the USA NGOs

Deadline for Abstract Submission: 28.06.2019

Declaration of Approved Papers: 08.07.2019

Workshop Day: 24.10.2019