Announcement Regarding New Changes in Rising Power Quarterly


Since its launch in 2016, Rising Powers Quarterly (RPQ) has become an important academic outlet publishing four volumes and eleven issues touching upon various aspects of the global governance and rising powers. With numbers of high-quality research articles, book reviews, and special issues, RPQ has taken its place in the field as a well-known journal within a relatively short period compared to many other cases. Without any financial and professional support, RPQ has done all of these thanks to the voluntary support and hard work of its editorial and managerial team. To further increase its reputation in the discipline, RPQ will undergo some important changes.

Starting with the first issue in 2020, Rising Powers Quarterly will be known as Journal of Rising Powers and Global Governance (RPGG) and this new journal will be published by the Global Studies Platform ( The journey of our journal will continue as a biannual journal, not a quarterly anymore. So, Starting with the first issue in 2020, RPGG will be published biannually, the first issue in April and the second issue in October. The new home to our journal, Global Studies Platform is an Istanbul-based voluntary and independent research group aiming to contribute to the evolving Global IR literature with its research activities and publications.

Regarding the title change, although RPQ was accepting submissions to all related topics of the field, we have been informed by many scholars around the world that the focus in the title on Rising Powers was causing hesitance during submissions. Thus, this amendment in the title of the journal aims at overcoming this hesitance and demonstrating that the journal covers a broader scope including the study of regional&international organizations, international groupings such as the BRICS, IBSA, MIKTA and G-20, as well as their member states  around the main themes of international political economy, global governance, North-South relations, developing world, changing international order, development, rising/emerging/middle/regional powers, development cooperation, humanitarian assistance, peace, peacekeeping, security, democracy and international terrorism, and country-specific case studies with regard to their interrelation at the global level, and Global International Relations.

Same submission guideline is still valid and we encourage you to submit your manuscripts for the new issues of Journal of Rising Powers and Global Governance (RPGG).

We strongly believe that these changes will facilitate a progressive process in our editorial/managerial handling of the journal and our platform. We thank all our past contributors, reviewers, and readers and invite them to continue their collaboration with us.